Clowns are like the special sauce of the horror genre. No matter how undercooked the storyline or overbaked the performances, a generous, heaping helping of crazy, killer clowns will cover up all manner of cinematic sin. Just consider ClownTown, if you will.

Shot in various locations around Ohio in the spring of 2015, director Tom Nagel’s feature debut is full of plot holes, poor dialogue, and unimpressive performances, but once those crazy, evil clowns show up,ClownTown actually becomes a satisfyingly effective little horror film…

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Some would say that bad decisions are the stock-in-trade of the horror film. No matter how smart the character or how harrowing the environment, characters in horror movies just can’t help making bad—like really, really bad—decisions. Characters in horror movies ignore ominous warnings that come from beyond the grave. They turn their backs on dangerous threats. They separate when they should stay together. They run up the stairs when they should run out the door. They don’t bother to look for companions who have wandered off and never returned. They follow voices into dark rooms when they definitely should know better. And they never seem to recognize just how much danger they are in…no matter how obvious is actually is.

And at this point I’m just talking about Ghosthunters

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